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Establishing a solar energy standard of 10 percent by 2030 will create jobs, increase the state’s energy independence, and improve our economy.


Let’s strengthen our state’s commitment to clean, renewable energy by increasing Minnesota’s Renewable Electricity Standard to 40 percent by 2030.

Advancing groundbreaking legislation that creates jobs and generates clean, renewable energy

Minnesota has taken several important bipartisan steps toward cleaner energy and a stronger economy over the last few years.

But our work is not done.

The Minnesota Clean Energy & Jobs campaign answers Governor Dayton’s call to establish Minnesota’s energy future—by transitioning to clean, renewable energy like wind and solar power, increasing energy efficiency, and making it easier to generate local power.

We should care about the world because it is where we live. We should save energy because we never know when it will perish. While it is still abundant in the Earth, we should not abuse the use of it. Instead, we should conserve it. We could promote cleaner and greener energy in many ways by contributing something to make it more sustainable. We could participate in programs which support it. We should strive to make a government that is an advocate of clean energy. We should inform others why it is very crucial. Most especially, we should start first within ourselves. Because the consumption of energy begins at home, we should make sure that what we mostly use does not greatly affect our environment. We should have appliances which promote clean energy act. It may cost some penny, but you may use coupon codes to avail of big discounts. There is no excuse because in the first place, it is for us all.

In relation to renewable energy resources, global warming is also a major issue. According to scientific studies, if all countries use renewable energy then it will help solve global warming. People will no longer need nuclear power plants, coal mines, and fossil fuels. Thus, emission of carbon dioxide and use of oil will be reduced.

The sad thing is that some people don't believe in renewable energy. There are some satirical articles that circulate online, which misguides and misinforms people about renewable energy. Some people even go to extreme and use NASA as a source of their so called information'. They discredit the idea of using solar panels and windmills to harness energy. To combat this issue, proper information dissemination must be done so people will be educated. Transportation fee can be expensive so you should use couponcode Qatar Airways if you need to travel using the airplane.


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